Rollingwood Rollingwood, Texas


Michael Deane Homes

Interior Designer

Studio Seiders

Landscape Architect

The Garden Design Studio


Ryann Ford


Adam Fortner

Rollingwood Rollingwood, Texas

Rollingwood’s tranquil simplicity draws from the owners’ great love of rural architecture. Carved into a steep acre of Texas hillside, the house rests on a massive stone pedestal threaded with native oak trees, palms, and bougainvillea. Gabled roofs and exposed rafter tails offer shade and shield from the elements; the primitive beauty of curving archways ripples across the house, echoing from entry to egress and establishing both a sense of lightness and permanence. Elegance emerges from this interplay between elements––graceful arcs cut into thick stucco slabs; sheets of glass framed in dark steel; sunlit walls grounded by a heavy floor. The density of the larger structure is quieted by an arbor, a screened porch, the delicate contrast of the landscape––a garden that happens to envelop a home. A sanctuary.