Paloma Ranch South, Texas

Project Manager

Zach Moss

Interior Designer

Studio Seiders

Landscape Architect

Landwest Design Group


Casey Dunn


Sara Oswalt

Paloma Ranch South, Texas

Situated along the southwestern border of the United States and Mexico, Paloma Ranch is an outdoorsman’s paradise amidst the dense brush and rolling hills of Texas’s “Big Deer Country.” The design intent for the large metal structures was to blend into their surroundings, weather the harsh natural elements gracefully, and be both impressive and unassuming at the same time. Corrugated metal siding and unfinished steel dominate the exterior palette while the interiors offer a vibrant contrast to the austerity of the structures themselves. The amalgam of furniture, art and rugs reflects the confluence of cultures that have historically inhabited the region, from Spanish settlers to Native American tribes like the Lipan Apache to the cattle barons of Texas and Mexico.